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Effective marketing.

We don’t work channels or media. We drive results. We generate leads, create value and work with an army attitude. The setup, use and optimization of media and channels like Social Media, e-mail, SEO and SEA are a logical result from this approach. Once you’ve worked with us, there’s no way back.

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Great minds think alike and fools seldom differ.

Big-picture-thinking-tech-fools is what we are. Our power thrives from tech companies driven by great minds.



Lean thinking and fast results are key factors for a startup. We thrive on working with startups in high paced environments. While startups pursue their dreams, we make sure we deliver them as well.



The Fintech companies are the disruptors of this age and driving the new revolution.  Our experience and skills make sure our clients are leading the revolution and not chasing it.

tech companies

Tech driven

There are a lot of tech companies, but few that last. We serve the visionaires, the true leaders, the companies that lead us to the next level with their (disruptive) technology.



No. Effective.

We don’t pretend to have the best AdWords or SEO specialists. We DO have the only and best marketers who understand the whole game and full scope of marketing. This makes us able to transform all the relevant marketing channels in to a machine that actually contributes to your organizational objectives.

How do we do it?

We are just different.

We go straight for the target. Fast, effective and by all means we do not stop until we deliver. Based on the formulated objectives, a rock solid strategy we run the whole chain. This means that the strategy, process and focus and used media and channels differ within every organization, but one thing is always the same: we deliver.

how do we do it

“I knew you guys were good and fast, I felt the energy, the knowledge and motivation, but holy shit.”


- Jean Witteveen, Eccentrade

“With a startup mentality and and incredibly fast time to market, they were able to even move the corporate world upside down ”

- Lovisa Kristiansson, Microsoft

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